So you want to know how to make the perfect EVE Online PvP Build. What skills are most important, what attributes etc, etc. Making a good balanced combat character is probably the hardest character type in the gallente-deimosgame. It requires so many different skill trees that it will take a long time to put an accomplished one together. In this EVE PVP  guide I will discuss the creation of the basis for a long-term combat character.

What Is The Best Ship To Use

There are many options and depending who you ask you will get many different answers. However 1 thing is for certain you will die, and often at 1st. So you want something cheap to buy, insure and fit but you also want to have a fighting chance. Really there is only 1 choice and that is the Frigate.

Why The T1 Frigate is Great

  1. They are very cheap to buy and cheap to completely fit ready for combat
  2. Not only are they cheap they also can be very effective fighters.
  3. You can fully fit a frigate for PvP for about 500.000 ISK which is not that much to lose compared to 500million ISK for a fully equipped faction fitted battleship for example.
  4. There is no better ship to learn with, if you are new to EVE then I recommend you seriously think about starting out with frigates.
  5. You would be surprised how easy it is for a small frigate to solo a much larger ship, with the right set up and element of surprise.

The key to PvP with Frigates

  1. Train your navigation and afterburner skills as high as possible then work on making sure you have the fire power to take out larger ships.
  2. Larger ships with have trouble targeting and hitting a small fast moving ship knowing this a skilled pilot in a frigate can actually take out a much higher leveled player in there bigger ship.
  3. By setting up your frigate for speed you will be making yourself a very hard target to hit for any large ships and providing you have the damage dealing abilities to down the larger ships you should be able to win a lot of PvP battles.
  4. Frigates can be setup for electronics and damage dealing.
  5. Group PvP – Having a small group of frigates which are all set up correctly can be a lethal group and have the potential to destroy some of the strongest battleships.

Example of nice Frigate set up:

I like the Incursus. Get your skills up, buy 3 x anode neutron blasters, 1 afterburner, a top of the line tracking disruptor, a webber and 2 x reactor control units for the guns, and you will deal 1000 damage in 10 seconds, or opt for 3 x 150 mm rail guns, a sensor booster and a sensor dampener and u can hit things at 30km or so, and the dampener will mean your target cant even lock you 🙂

A good combat character will have Skills in most of the following trees:

caldari-titan-leviathanElectronics:- necessary for scramblers, disruptors and CPU increase and CPU use savings

Engineering:- necessary for shields, amour, Power increase and Power use savings

Navigation:- necessary for speed and agility

Gunnery:- speaks for itself really

Missiles:- as above

Ship Command:- necessary for use of different ships for different situations

Mechanic:- necessary for hull upgrades and repair systems

Learning:- necessary for attribute increases (in my opinion massively important for all builds)

This is far more than any other character build and the obvious comment is “damn, that is going to take a long time and cost a lot of Isk”. There are a few shortcuts however. The first obvious one is the Mechanic skill. This is a skill that a combat pilot should have as it opens the door to self repair modules for hull and armor. This ability will make a combat character much more viable as repair costs at stations are astronomical. The mechanic skill is now automatically acquired following creation of your new character. The Repair and Hull skills are learned/awarded by following the “tutorial” at start of game “crash course”.If, however, none of these are the character choices you want to make, then buy the Mechanic skill as soon as you can afford it, but be warned, prices vary drastically and can reach 400k+ which is a bit expensive and is not far short of the cost of the top combat frigates.


All new players start with the same attributes, namely 8 points in Intelligence, Willpower, Perception and Memory and 7 Points in Charisma. However you can go to > Character Sheet > Attributes > Remap. You can now take 2 points out of all your attributes and remap them. you can do this 2 for without delay but must wait 12 months each tiome you wish to change following the 1st 2 remaps.  I suggest taking 2 points out of charisma and putting 1 in intelligence and 1 in Memory, however you can distribute these however you feel fit. A good combat character has four high attributes and so will also be a very good all round character, able to turn his hand to most other professions without much problem.

A low charisma score will however always leave the combat character at a disadvantage when it comes to social skills (trading etc), but who needs good diplomacy when you have your enemy on the receiving of that 650mm artillery cannon. (Anyway, I suggest you make a character solely for trade purposes just to make billions of Isk – click here for more info on how to make billions as a trader)

The second shortcut is to do with the Learning skills.

The presumed main skills for combat are Gunnery and Missiles and these require Perception and Willpower. However, Electronics and Engineering are just as important and these require Intelligence and Memory. It is obvious that the combat pilot needs high scores in four different attributes.

Now since skill-training times are directly dependent on attribute scores, this poses us a bit of a problem. The solution is the Learning skill tree as time invested here can reap huge rewards in all your other training times.

assualtI would suggest building a character:

  1. With at least 9-10Memory to start with
  2. An even spread between Intelligence, Willpower and Perception
  3. As low a Charisma as possible.
  4. Make one of your first skill purchases Instant Recall and bump it up to level 3 or 4 as fast as possible. This increases memory and so decreases all the Learning skill-training times.
  5. Follow it with Analytical Mind to improve Intelligence
  6. Then Iron Will for Willpower
  7. Spatial Awareness for Perception.
  8. Doing it this way it is possible to add 3 points to all your attributes in a few days and 4 points in less than two weeks.
  9. This will significantly decrease all your subsequent skill-training times. The Learning skill can be used as well but the training time benefits are not as significant as with attribute increases until your attributes reach at least 15, or your attribute learning skills have reached level 3 or 4 or possibly 5.

Other important skills for early on are Navigation for extra speed, Afterburners for even more speed, electronics to increase CPU, Engineering to increase Powercore and Warp Drive Operation to reduce cap need for warping. Even a few (2 or 3) levels in each of these can make a big difference to your combat effectiveness.

I would also suggest deciding what type of ship you are going to want fly in the long run. And start using this to help decide what weapon, shield, hull skills etc are going to be your mains.

As your combat character grows you can add:

  1. More skills in Gunnery to suit the weapons you would like to use
  2. More skills in Missiles for the missiles you would like to use
  3. More skills in Engineering and Electronics for shield, amour, scramblers and ECM devices.

The Electronics skill tree is geared towards sensor use, scrambler use, reducing CPU need and increasing CPU capacity. A popular Electronics selection is Propulsion Jamming. This requires Electronics level3 and allows the use of Stasis Webifiers that slow down your target. Other popular modules that require Electronics are Warp Scramblers and Target Scramblers.

The Engineering skill tree is geared towards shield and amour use, reducing Power need and increasing Power capacity. A fully trained engineering tree is possibly the only way of avoiding the purchase of the mechanic skill. The benefits to shield and amour through the skills themselves and the modules that you can operate will probably reduce your repair bills to manageable levels.

On the Gunnery skill tree, buy and purchase your small turret skills early and then train the other gunnery skills as needed. Leave the medium turret until you can buy a cruiser and the large turret for when you can buy battleships. I do not think any frigate can carry a medium turret, and if it could you would have to strip off all your other modules to meet the power and CPU requirements.

Missile Launcher skills can be bought as and when necessary. If you want to launch long range attacks rather than engage in close quarters combat then this is the skill tree for you.

Weapon selection is a very personal choice and weapon loadouts are so varied that everyone will have pet loves and hates. Personally, I like the range and damage of a 150mm railgun but the activation costs and Power requirements are high. I also like the 200mm Autocannon for close range fighting.

In the really long term Genetic mutators, Cybernetic Implants and Boosters will become available. The skills to use these are all Science tree based and once again depend on Intelligence and Memory for training. So the early investment in these attributes will pay off again here.

Hope this helps your EVE PvP fighting career. If you want the most advanced and secret PvP strategies available click here for my EVE Billionaire Review.